The Action Update: Foreign Aid to Israel, Cybersecurity Cooperation, and Hezbollah in Lain America

On Sunday and Monday, the annual CUFI Summit was held in Dallas. Due to covid-related restrictions, the event was by-invitation only, and limited to 700 participants. Despite these limitations, CUFI’s impact will not be diminished. As some of you may recall, last year’s Summit had to be held entirely online. Engagement with elected officials had to be done via digital methods as well. Nonetheless, CUFI members delivered more than 300,000 emails to lawmakers in the weeks after the Summit in support of CUFI’s 2020 legislative agenda, and all three items on that agenda advanced through Congress and were signed by the President.

We look forward to the same this year. The 2021 CUFI legislative agenda again includes three items, which are the focus of this week’s Action Update.

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