The Action Update: A Threat to Freedom Everywhere

The CUFI Action Fund is a single-issue organization. But some world events are so important that history itself pivots at those points and the ripples it sends impacts everything. Russia’s appalling, unwarranted, and inhumane invasion of Ukraine is such an event. We’ve seen the United States and Europe come together in support of Ukraine in ways unthinkable just weeks ago. Decades of foreign policy for some European nations have been completely upended. The world has changed once more because of war in Europe.
We do recognize, as we pointed out two weeks ago, that American weakness begets conflict. Whether it be in dealings with Russia or Iran, efforts to accommodate leaders like Putin or the Ayatollah leaves one empty handed when push comes to shove.

We feel strongly that the Biden administration must cease begging others to do what is right and start acting like a superpower.

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