The Action Update: Can we Avoid a Nuclear Iran?

There’s an old Jewish lesson (of sorts) that goes something like this: if you haven’t had a drop to drink, yet two Rabbis tell you you’re drunk, go home and sleep it off. The message is simple: no matter how confident you are in your belief or position, if two learned friends tell you you’re wrong, take some time to reconsider. President Biden would do well to bear this lesson in mind in the days and weeks ahead.

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The Action Update: Getting Fleeced At The Iranian Bazaar

Reports have come out this week, that world powers and the Iranians may be inching closer to a renewed Iran nuclear accord. Troublingly, a senior Iranian official said in a recent interview, “The achievements of the Islamic Republic in the nuclear talks in the past one month were exceptional.” This comes on the heels of Iran’s top nuclear negotiator providing local reporters with a list of “concessions,” Tehran has extracted from Washington.

Diplomacy involves compromise, but if these reports are to be believed – and we’ve seen no evidence since President Biden took office that they should be discounted – it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Biden administration’s Iran negotiators are simply bad at their jobs. The American people were promised a longer and stronger agreement, yet today, Iran is boasting about the “concessions” to which Team Biden has acquiesced.

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The Action Update: Iran Believes They Have a License to Kill

Iran’s rulers justify their existence, the country’s economic woes, and the crushing theocratic rule they impose on their people by claiming a divine right to rule and violently spread the Islamic Revolution throughout the world. Engaging with this regime has never produced positive results because if Iran did abandon its pariah status, it would have no justification for any of the above. Every move Iran has made clearly indicates they’ve no intention of changing their nature. So, why are American and European leaders acting as if Tehran would ever join the community of nations?

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The Action Update: Three Days of War: Key Facts Every Pro-Israel Activist Should Know

We know you’re already aware of the recent conflagration between Israel and the Iranian-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) that took place over the weekend, but there’s a lot about the past few days that every pro-Israel activist should know. And one of the key pieces of information is how U.S. aid to Israel – which CUFI is backing as part of its 2022 Summit legislative agenda – played a pivotal role in ensuring no Israelis were killed in the conflict.

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The Action Update: The UN Cries Wolf While Innocents Suffer

Each week in the Action Update we often focus on the latest developments in various nations’ foreign policies. However, one of the cornerstones of a pariah state like Iran is that it treats its citizens with the same contempt and authoritarianism as its foreign policy approach would suggest. So, this week, before we get into the latest disgrace from the UN, we’re going to take a look at the latest human rights outrages from Iran and the PA.

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The Action Update: What you missed at CUFI’s Summit and Iran talks drag on

As no doubt many of our readers and supporters are aware, CUFI returned to the nation’s capital last week for the first CUFI Washington Summit since the Covid-19 pandemic prevented us from doing so. We covered our legislative agenda in last week’s Action Update, so this week we thought we’d highlight some of the most notable moments from the Summit along with developments on the Iranian and Palestinian fronts.

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CUFI Members Returning To Capitol Hill

(7/14/22) WASHINGTON – Next week, Christians United for Israel (CUFI), the nation’s largest pro-Israel organization, will welcome more than 1,000 of the group’s top leaders to its first Washington Summit held in person in the DC area since the Covid-19 pandemic prevented the annual gathering from taking place in the nation’s capital. As arrangements for this year’s Summit were made while significant Covid-19 restrictions were still in place in Washington, this year’s event will be held in Crystal City.

“We had to make decisions about the Summit’s size and location some time ago but concluded that a smaller Summit than usual was far preferable to forgoing the event. It is absolutely vital that our elected officials hear from their pro-Israel constituents in person and in our nation’s capital,” said CUFI founder and Chairman Pastor John Hagee.

At this year’s Summit, attendees will lobby their elected officials in support of three pieces of legislation: The DEFEND (Deterring Enemy Forces and Enabling National Defenses) Act of 2022 (S.4366/H.R.7987), The Fiscal Year 2023 House and Senate State-Foreign Operations Appropriations Bills, and the COI Elimination Act (S.4389/H.R.7223).

“From countering both Iran’s malign activities and yet another U.N. anti-Israel witch-hunt to ensuring Israel maintains its qualitative military edge in the region, this year’s Summit legislative agenda covers a lot of vital ground. CUFI’s members are chomping at the bit to sit and discuss these important issues with their legislators, and we are thrilled to be able to facilitate those conversations,” said CUFI Action Fund Chairwoman Sandra Parker.

Further details about the legislation, as well as a livestream of key Summit plenary sessions, background about CUFI and photos taken during the Summit can be found here.

With more than 10 million members, Christians United for Israel is the largest pro-Israel organization in the United States and one of the leading Christian grassroots movements in the world. CUFI spans all fifty states and reaches millions with its educational message.

The CUFI Action Fund, a nonprofit 501(c)(4), nonpartisan organization, is related to the nation’s largest pro-Israel organization, Christians United for Israel (CUFI). The Action Fund is dedicated to ensuring our elected officials hear the perspective of the millions of Christian Zionists across the country.


The Action Update: Hezbollah Drone Attacks and the New Axis of Evil

On Tuesday morning, as Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid was departing for France to discuss Iran and Hezbollah with French President Emmanuel Macron, Lapid sent a clear and unambiguous message to Israel’s neighbors to the north: if Lebanon doesn’t “rein in” Hezbollah, Israel will. In this week’s Action Update, we delve into what prompted the Prime Minister’s comments, and a number of issues directly related to the malign activities of Hezbollah and its backers in Tehran.

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