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Policy Positions

The CUFI Action Fund is strictly focused on Middle East foreign policy issues. We are an exclusively pro-Israel organization and take no positions on any matters irrelevant to the Middle East. The Action Fund does not take a position on any internal Israeli political matters. We stand with the democratically elected government of Israel, including on Israeli decisions of war and peace.

Presently our legislative agenda is focused on the following issues:

  • Support for a strong US-Israel relationship: Founded upon the two nations’ shared values, the alliance between the US and Israel is in the vital national security interests of both nations. Israel is the West’s sole outpost of freedom and democracy in the Middle East, therefore the Action Fund supports American foreign aid to Israel and the maintenance of the Jewish state’s qualitative military edge in the region.

  • Opposition to international pressure on Israel: Like any other democratic nation, Israel has the sovereign right to defend itself from terrorism and other violent threats. In addition, the Israeli military has time and again shown itself to take great risks to minimize civilian casualties, whereas Israel’s enemies use civilians as human shields. The Action Fund opposes international condemnation of Israel’s legitimate acts of self-defense.

  • Opposition to a Nuclear Iran: Iran, the world’s leading sponsor of terror, is on the cusp of attaining a nuclear weapons capability. Iran’s proxies have taken American and Israeli lives and continue to wage war against Western values. As American and Israeli leaders from both sides of the political spectrum have repeatedly stated, Iran cannot be allowed to acquire a nuclear weapon. The Action Fund opposes any deal with Iran that will leave the Islamic Republic with a nuclear weapons infrastructure.

  • Support for persecuted Christians in the Arab and Islamic world: Violent radical Islamic extremists are waging war across the Middle East. In addition to subjugating women, and various religious minorities who come under their control, terrorists such as the Islamic State are brutally persecuting Christians in the Middle East. The Action Fund supports efforts to defeat these extremists, including support for direct lethal aid to Kurdish Peshmerga forces.